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Myths About Working with Influencers 🔍

Influencer marketing has changed a lot in the last few years, and since people spend more time than ever on social media, it's safe to say that investments in influencer marketing will grow a lot in 2022. 🔥

But there are still plenty of myths out there. So, we're busting some common myths about working with influencers. 🕵🏼‍♀️

💎 1: Influencer Marketing Costs a Lot 💸
One of the main reasons brands don't work with influencers is the cost. A partnership with a Mega Macro influencer (someone with more than 1 million followers) usually costs a lot. But a Micro influencer usually costs less because they have less than 100K followers. Prices can also be different depending on how you plan to use them.

💎 2: Results Don't Come from Nano and Micro-Influencers 😱
Top-tier influencers get less engagement than nano influencers. They might reach fewer people than Mega Macro (1M+) influencers, but they can be a cheaper way for brands to reach specific groups.

💎 3: All Influencers Purchase Followers 🚫
Fake followers do exist, and some social media influencers do boost the number of followers they have. But only some people influencers buy fake followers. The quality of an influencer's following is getting more and more attention. Many people agree that a smaller, more engaged following is just as good as, if not better, a larger, less engaged following.

Influencer marketing is one of the finest ways to get people to visit your site, spread the word about your brand, and build credibility. But the process can seem complex to handle. 🤯

And that's where KOLHUB comes in. We want to make influencer marketing a breeze for you. Go to https://www.kolhub.com/my to find out more about us.💙

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After days of waiting for election results, PKR President Anwar Ibrahim @anwaribrahim_my has been officially sworn as the nation’s 10th prime minister. 🇲🇾

We hope that #Malaysia will continue to thrive and prosper under the guidance of Anwar, and bring us Malaysians to a brighter future. 💙

#kolhub #influencermarketing #kitaboleh #malaysia #ge15 #undi18 #pru15 #pkr #election #10thprimeminister🇲🇾 #AnwarIbrahim

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Thank you @jinyeye_official for giving us this opportunity to attend their product launching event! ✨The performances were wonderful and we enjoyed it very much 🫶🏻

Attending this event has allowed KOLHUB to learn about the exciting NEW Chinese New Year hampers that they are launching next year! ❤️

New Chinese New Year hampers would include items like Napoleon V Marengo! 😍 what better way to drink brandy out of a glass horse! We had so much fun and hope that we will have another opportunity again in the future 💙

#KOLHUB #kolhubmarketing #jinyeye #Chinesenewyear

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Hhhmmm🤔Ever though that what is the different of awareness and revenue campaign in influencer marketing? Here is the differences!!!🥳🥳

Awareness vs. Revenue Campaigns in Influencer Marketing & which one you should go with.

Awareness campaigns
💙Creating an intelligent and consistent awareness campaign may give your market the following benefits:

💙Enhance credibility and faith: One of the greatest benefits of having a well-known brand name is that it fosters customer trust, and trust leads to preference. More than half of buyers prefer to test new items when they come from a recognized brand.

💙Strategic advantage: Knowing what your brand stands for is a crucial aspect of brand recognition, and defining this should always include the thing you do better than any other brand in your industry. Once everyone knows this, they will recognize that you are the best brand for the task!

Revenue campaigns
💙Well implemented, revenue marketing has three significant benefits:

💙Enhanced Customer Concentration: What do buyers want in a product? What would encourage them to purchase more? Buy less? By emphasizing the development of long-term client connections, revenue campaigns may contribute to sustained sales.

💙Improved Team Cohesion: Marketing and sales teams often disagree. Whereas marketers seek to increase brand awareness on a broad scale, sales teams are more focused on the intricacies of individual conversions. Revenue campaigns assist in aligning these teams with a clear purpose.

It may be possible to achieve short-term success by focusing entirely on revenue and paying little or no attention to awareness. But if you want to achieve long-term success, you must recognize that their roles are complementary and include them both in your approach.🥰So start your influencer marketing campaign with us today!!!

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Are you planning for your marketing plan for FY2023? Did you know what is the upcoming influencer marketing trend? 🤔🤔
No more research is needed as we are here to help you!🥳🥳🥳
Here is some Notable Highlight from The State of Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report 2022 that all #MARKETER shall know!!!

1. The influencer marketing sector is expected to expand about $16.4 billion in 2022.Platforms emphasizing influencer marketing raised more than $800M in funding in 2021 alone, highlighting the industry's rapid expansion.
2. In only 2021 alone, the number of companies providing services linked to influencer marketing increased by 26%, reaching a startling 18,900 companies.
3. Instagram influencer fraud has declined over the previous few years. Nevertheless, fraud affected 49% of Instagram influencer accounts in 2021.
4. Brands began to pay influencers more frequently. The balance between influencers receiving free products and those receiving monetary compensation is now equal.The most popular Instagram brand, Zara, is thought to have a 2,074,000,000 reach.
5. In 2022, 68% of our marketers intend to boost their spending on influencer marketing, and nearly 80% of the brands that use influencer marketing use Instagram, more than 75% of brand marketers plan to allocate money for influencer marketing.
6. Ad-blocking tool usage is believed to have negatively impacted the growth of the influencer marketing industry by 9% year over year, with the average global desktop ad-blocking rate lying at 43%. The use of ad-blocking tools is thought to have negatively impacted the growth of the influencer marketing business by 9% year over year, with the average global desktop ad-blocking rate resting at 43%.
7.In 2022, more than 75% of brand marketers will devote money to influencer marketing. Online stores are used by 54% of influencer marketing clients, and 68% of our marketers want to increase their influencer marketing budgets. Nearly 80% of clients utilizes influencer marketing on Instagram for their businesses.

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Surprisingly putting the word VIRAL in your restaurant’s name barely works! Here’s how to actually go viral without self-proclaiming through influencer marketing:

1. Engage with multiple KOLs. Leverage on influencer’s loyal followers to reach as much audience as you can.
2. Schedule your influencer’s post across a short period of time. Bombard your audiences with similar contents from different influencers to create frequency.
3. Create a brief for your influencer. Tell your influencers what you want them to highlight to get your message across.

Remember, viral marketing is snowball effect. Create your “snowball” with your influencers and watch the your snowball grow!

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Team KOLHUB hype on Merdeka Day! Siapa tau lagi ni🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🥳🥳 #teamKOLHUB #KOLHUB #harimerdekamalaysia #harimerdeka2020 ...

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Let’s honor the valiant heroes who made us the proudest of all human and mightiest of all nation. May the glory of this day be your inspiration for tomorrow! 💪💪Happy independence day of Malaysia 2022! 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾
#selamatharimerdeka65 #KOLHUB

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Team KOLHUB had so much fun on Betadia Night🥳🥳🥳Hope all of you have enjoy the night!!

Make sure you check out KOLHUB apps to enjoy more perks and benefits🥰🥰

@betadiamalaysia #KOLHUB #teamkolhub

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