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KOLHUB wish you Happy CNY in the year of 2023🧧🧧🧧
We had so much fun on our reunion dinner 🍽️

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KOLHUB Wishes You a Happy Lunar New Year, and thanks for the support along the way. May Health, Happiness & Prosperity always be with you. 🧧

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Tips To Optimize Your TikTok Campaigns 😎

Monitoring the effectiveness of your TikTok campaigns is one of the vital things you can do to ensure your advertisements are successful. Monitoring performance and tweaking campaigns can help you reach greater outcomes don't miss out on these suggestions! 😮

💎 Begin With A Large Target Audience.

TikTok Advertisements Manager - the platform where you manage your TikTok ads - provides a broad variety of targeting to identify exactly which demographic you want to see your ads, making it one of the finest methods to optimize your TikTok ads.

💎 Check That Your Conversion Event Is Operational.

Testing various conversion events is one way to improve your TikTok Ads. An event is a user activity that we can monitor to learn more about when they visit the campaign.

💎 To Maintain Your Campaign and Avoid Ad Fatigue, Use Various Creatives.

- Create original material. Use the text overlay with TikTok's free music collection to create vertical content. Make your ad campaigns seem more natural by using user-generated material, for example.
- Include individuals in your advertisements like a TikTok user would in their videos. To increase brand engagement, consider collaborating with a content producer.
- Use the Boosted TikToks option to promote your own content or to collaborate with a producer who creates material for your company. It's a method of reaching your precise target and increasing the reach of your TikTok marketing.
- Use a variety of creatives. We propose that you utilize at least three different creatives for each ad group and cycle them along with the copy.

We wouldn't be shocked if what you read above seems complicated, since it can be in most circumstances, but don't worry because that's what we at KOLHUB are here for, to assist you with such things. 🤩

So come on over to https://www.kolhub.com/my and join us now. 💙

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How to Get on the Instagram Explore Page? 😎

Getting yourself on Instagram's Explore Page is one of the app's most underutilized discovery strategies. The Explore Page, as a feed of material handpicked by the algorithm, may help you target the right audience, increase interaction, and grow on the platform. 🤔

How Do You Get on Instagram's Explore Page? 🔥

💎 1: Examine Your Own Explore Page
Spend some time on your own Explore Page and consider the following:
-What kinds of posts are highlighted?
-What hashtags and keywords do the captions contain?
-What is it about these postings that makes them so attractive?

💎 2: Make Reels
The popular video feature shows no signs of slowing down, so make Reels a major part of your plan in 2023 – particularly if you want to appear on the Explore Page.

💎 3: Post When Your Target Market Is Online
When you publish when your target audience is online, your material has a far greater chance of reaching and engaging them.

💎 4: Play Around with Carousel Posts
Experimenting with various post types is another strategy to increase Instagram interaction. While experimenting with different layouts is always a good idea, being creative with carousel posts may help you receive more interaction.

💎 5: Make Use of Strategic Hashtags
Hashtags aren't as widespread as before, but they're still valuable for enhancing discoverability and appearing on the Explore Page.

💎 6: Collaborate with Other Brands and Creators.
When you collaborate with brands and artists on Instagram, you can effortlessly tap into each other's audiences – a helpful strategy for increasing interaction and securing more Explore Page features.

These are just a handful of the various methods to access the Explore page. The actual problem is applying multiple methods and being consistent, but we at Kolhub can help you with that; all you have to do is join us at https://www.kolhub.com/my. 💙

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How Do Instagram Influencer Brand Getaways Work? 😲

As you would expect, influencer brand trips need significant preparation and behind-the-scenes labor. The carefully designed experiences are meticulously prepared down to the last detail, ensuring that every moment serves as a background for the perfect photo. 🏖

Companies such as Revolve, Benefit, and Boohoo send small, carefully selected groups of Instagram influencers on vacation to capitalize on their large and relevant followings. 😱

What Makes Instagram Influencer Brand Getaways So Popular? 🤩

💎 1. Tap Into the Following of An Instagram Influencer.
Instagram influencer brand trips not only provide a wealth of fresh material for your own feed, but they also provide access to an influencer's following.
Many Instagram influencers will even post their experience on Instagram Stories and their accounts, giving their fans an inside glimpse at their vacation. Instagram influencer brand holidays are thus an excellent opportunity for companies to enhance interaction and reach new audiences!

💎 2. Creating the Perfect Instagram Moment
These vacation destinations are nothing short of #VacationGoals, including stunning beach getaways, desert oasis, tropical hideaways, and more.
The raw material created by these visits also lets fans see a distinct side of the company, providing an unvarnished glimpse into what happens behind the 'gram.

💎 3. The Ideal Influencers May Assist In Increasing Sales.
Influencers' audiences generally connect with them in ways other than likes and comments on social media because they generate authentic material. In fact, 49.3% of American customers have purchased something based on an influencer's advice. Having influencers advertise your items on a constant basis (for example, throughout a week-long vacation) will almost certainly raise sales!

Influencer retreats are clearly valuable at this time. However, organizing and executing such vacations may be difficult, but we at KOLHUB can make it easy for you, all you have to do is join us at https://www.kolhub.com/my. 💙

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What Are the New Instagram Creator Monetization Features? 😎

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri discussed how the platform is changing to "help artists earn a livelihood in the long term" in a recent Instagram Live broadcast. 🎥

As part of these objectives, Instagram will establish Creator Shops, affiliate commerce, and a new "branded content marketplace" to link influencers and companies.😍

These features will financially reward influencers and creators who use Instagram's shopping tools to drive purchases for businesses.

💎 1. Creator Stores
This may be availed in one of two ways:
Creators with a product offering may now connect their store to their personal and company profiles, which is now accessible internationally. Creators who are new to selling their work will be able to do so using the Instagram app. They will just connect their Instagram account to one of Instagram's good partners.

💎 2. Affiliate Marketing
This implies that artists will get a commission payment (determined by brands) when they produce a product sale for a brand on the app, completing the three-sided social commerce marketplace. The gadget will also include a notice informing customers that their purchase would directly benefit the developer.

💎 3. Marketplace for Branded Content
Finally, Instagram revealed intentions to assist marketers in matching and discovering rising influencers whose reach is a good match for their audience.
This would be Instagram's first foray into the influencer-brand partnership sector, similar to TikTok's Creator Marketplace.

Instagram, like these features, will continue to evolve, and certain features may be tough to understand; however, do not worry since we at KOLHUB can assist you in making the most of such features. 😲

So come on over to https://www.kolhub.com/my and join us now. 💙

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Every end marks a new beginning.

May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements, and a lot of new inspirations on your life.

Thanks for all the support that all of you had given to KOLHUB💙 KOLHUB wish you a Happy New Year.

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The Benefits of Collaborating with Multi-Generational Tiktokers 😎

Ignoring the ways TikTokers attain their social media influencing goals, marketers should consider why and when they should want to collaborate with influencers who are prepared to add the ideal guest feature in the shape of a mother, father, or boyfriend. 🔥

Here are some brand-led and organic "best of" examples of how partnering with influencers and their multi-generational family members may help your company.

💎 Get Access To New Growth Markets 📈

Multi-generational or partnered content may accelerate your content's amplification beyond your original target audience and bring it in front of new or growing audiences. When viewers feel reflected in the post, they are more inclined to share material with their loved ones proactively.

💎 Transform The Way Somebody Thinks About A Product ✨

While your product is most certainly advertised to a particular age and gender target, you are fully aware that it is practically universally applicable. Friends, family, and lovers of all ages and genders provide the ideal test subjects for your traditional influencers to show live that your goods work for everyone - independent of packaging or perception.

💎 Highlight Your Brand's Illustrious History 🤩

Many companies are increasingly dipping into their legacies as they battle for market share against a sea of intriguing indies. Mothers and grandparents are the ideal vehicles for conveying the notion of everlasting quality and effectiveness: if your business considers itself a heritage brand, you should explore campaigns that may include two - or even three! - generations. 😲

Finally, the value of the multi-generational or partner guest feature is in the inclusion of a new and unexpected viewpoint, providing your influencer with the ideal chance to sing your brand or product's praises, answer questions, and dispel concerns, all in real-time.

So, what are you holding out for? Join us at https://www.kolhub.com/my, and we'll match you with the best Multi-Generational TikTokers. 💙

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Missed out on our live appearance at Astro Awani? Fear not! 🤩

Get all the juicy details on how to monetize the creative economy via influencer marketing on https://www.astroawani.com/video-malaysia/ibrahim-sani-s-notepad-monetising-creative-economy-2002105 , and maybe learn a thing or two! 💙

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KOLHUB wishing you all a Merry Christmas 🎄 Our sincere gratitude goes out to you for another year of support, and we wish you the blessings of Christmas.☃️☃️
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HoHoHo🎅🏻Santa Claus had arrived in KOLHUB💙💙KOLHUB Team had so much fun on Christmas Night☃️☃️KOLHUB wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday 🎁

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Tips for Convincing Influencers to Work with Your Brand 🔥

In influencer marketing, you must master a variety of jobs, including researcher, data analyst, connection builder, and writer. 😎 The final of them is no easy task. Influencers are increasingly receiving pitches from various businesses, and the competition is fierce. Here are some guidelines for writing outreach communications. 🤔

✨Composing Effective Influencer Outreach Messages✨

💎 Give A Sincere Compliment.

When drafting an outreach message, it might be tempting to cut to the chase. However, it is the customized nuances that will capture someone's attention. Spend time looking through the creator's work and incorporating 1 or 2 items that you enjoy into your message. 😊

💎 Analyze Brand and Product Affinity.

Even the most well-written outreach message will fail if sent to the incorrect target. Perform keyword research before reaching out to check if the influencer is affiliated with comparable items or companies. 📈

💎 Exhibit Your Interest in What They Are Interested In.

Influencers are increasingly expressing a desire for a closer relationship with companies. Your outreach message will have a greater chance if it shows how your company contributes to a subject the influencer is passionate about. 🤓

💎 Be Interactive.

When attempting to collaborate with an influencer, the outreach message is vital, but so is frequent involvement with their material. Make a habit of complimenting them and leaving likes and (substantive) comments on their stuff. 🥰

Convincing Influencers to Work with Your Brand may take time and effort. But that's what we're here for at KOLHUB: to locate and connect you with the best influencers. So come on over to https://www.kolhub.com/my and join us right now. 💙

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Our co-founder / GM Qian Yee is honoured to be given the opportunity to collaborate with #AstroAwani to give an insightful interview about influencer marketing in Malaysia. 🔥

Want to know about an expert’s view on how influencer marketing works? Catch them live at Astro Awani on 26th December, 10:30AM 💙

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What To Include in An Influencer Marketing Job Description? 🥰

Whether you're just getting started with influencer marketing or expanding an existing program, starting with a solid team foundation is critical.🔥 Writing an in-depth, kick-ass job description — similar to influencers and their briefs — is the first step in finding the appropriate people. 🤩

Include The Following in A Job Description for Influencer Marketing:

💎 Outline The Role's Objectives:
How will this role contribute to achieving larger corporate goals? Mention keywords like "pushing awareness towards a product" if your team typically works with influencers for awareness campaigns. Setting clear expectations for the applicant by providing information on how the role affects the firm.

💎 Incorporate Your Company's Values:
Millennials and Generation Z are intensely concerned about social concerns. According to Influencer Marketing Impact research, 66% of respondents would pay a greater price for a product if the brand matched their beliefs. These generations also want to work for companies with strong values; therefore, include your values in your job description.

💎 Talk About the Tools That Will Help You Do the Job:
Influencer marketing requires familiarity with various technologies, such as Excel, PowerPoint, social networking platforms, and influencer marketing platforms, such as KOLHUB. It's generally ideal to discover a candidate who is familiar with your organisation's tools so they can get up and running fast.

💎 Who They Will Collaborate With:
Influencer marketing is crucial to social media marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, and public relations/media relations. Make a note of the teams they will be collaborating with.

Finding, interviewing, and hiring influencers may be time-consuming. And, given the market's competitiveness, obtaining your desired influencer might take a lot of work. 😎

However, KOLHUB can handle everything for you; all you have to do is join us at https://www.kolhub.com/my. 💙

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